Invalid Surname Error Income Tax India E-filing Website

Invalid Surname Error Income Tax India E-filing Website

Are you getting invalid surname error while trying to register your account at the income tax India e-Filing website? Here is the 100% working solution!

Many people including me & my family members have been affected by the invalid surname error problem in Income tax e-filing website. The main reason behind this issue is the mismatch between the Surname which is known to us & the data which is in Income Tax Departments records.

To solve this issue, you have to go through the following steps:

  1. We need to figure out what exactly is provided as your surname in the income tax departments records. For that you need to go to the TAX INFORMATION NETWORK website and click the link below Income Declaration Scheme, 2016.
  2. Now fill in all mandatory fields like the Permanent Account Number, Assessment Year, City, State, Pin Code etc. You can fill some dummy data in the address fields but you should make sure the PAN & pin code entered in the form is valid.
  3. Now, select a payment mode, fill in the captcha field and click proceed. You can feel free to choose any available payment options because we are not going to pay anyone.
  4. You will be now taken to a Confirmation Data Page where you can see your Full Name as given in the Income Tax departments records.
  5. Your Surname should be the last part of your full name. Copy it to the registration form and check if it’s working. Otherwise come back to the confirmation data page and copy the full name to the surname field in registration form. Either of them should work in most cases.

I have also published this trick in my YouTube channel. If you  are interested, you can watch it here:

The method I have mentioned above is 100% working based on comments from my YouTube video viewers. In case you are still getting invalid surname error, please contact Income Tax Customer Care.


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