How to switch Mi Router Mini System Language to English

How to switch Mi Router Mini System Language to English

After waiting for a long time we finally have the option to switch Mi Router Mini System Language from Chinese to English. If you already have a good understanding of the router settings, please follow instructions below to learn How to switch Mi Router Mini System Language from Chinese to English:


You can manually upgrade/downgrade your router firmware to 2.8.91 by downloading the firmware bin file from Xiaomi’s website. I have noticed that English language is not included in the latest firmware update release. In case you have updated the firmware and wanted to rollback, you can easily do it from the router admin panel.

If you are looking for the 2.8.91 firmware bin file, you can find it here: or here:

  • Once you have the firmware downloaded to your computer, login to the router administration and go to “Common Settings” -> “System Status” and click “Manually Upgrade” button (next to the Blue button).
    If your router UI is in Chinese, you can make use of the google translate plugin in Chrome for translation assistance.
  • Once you click the “Manually Upgrade” button, a box will popup with some instructions and a file chooser.
  • Next you have to click the “Choose File” button and select the firmware you just downloaded to your computer and click “Start the Upgrade” button. When you are are doing manual upgrades, it’s recommended to remove any configurations which exists in the router.
  • Now wait for the router to do the flashing and restart. The LED present in the router will turn blue once the flashing is complete and the router is ready.

For more detailed instructions with screenshots, please refer this article:

Finally, you can enjoy the beautiful UI without depending google translate and any broken design. However it is recommended to keep your router firmware up to date for security & smooth operation of the device. You always have the option to use Mi Wifi Android App instead of the web ui.

Watch this video for more info!

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