Are you looking for [email protected] Linux Distribution? No need to search further. You can download it from here!

Are you looking for IT@School Linux Distribution? No need to search further. You can download it from here!

School linux is an Operating System developed by KELTRON for [email protected] Project. School Linux is actually a heavily modified version of the popular open source linux distribution called Ubuntu. It is possible to download the operating system ISO file from KELTRON’s website but it’s going to take you a lot of time because their server is dead slow with handling content delivery. You can use the link given below to download a copy of [email protected]ool Edubuntu 14.04 – 64 bit

Things to Know before Installing [email protected] Linux

I have recently installed this Operating System on my neighbour’s new laptop and there are a few issues I have noticed and struggled with. First of all, please keep in mind that this operating system is a fork of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS which is a four year old operating system as of the day of publishing this blog. It should work fine in computer hardware produced around that time but on newer computers you may experience a lot of issues.

One of the most annoying thing I have experienced is the ethernet & wifi driver issue which renders the computer almost useless in today’s circumstances.

I was able to fix the ethernet port issue but I had no luck with the built in WiFi.

If you want to keep all the packages up to date, you are going to struggle again because most of the sources are down. If [email protected] really cares about their Operating system, I think they should release a new version based on latest Ubuntu LTS distribution. Let’s all hope for that!

You have no other options & want to use [email protected] Linux? Let’s talk about possible solutions to overcome WiFi issue with [email protected] Linux.

Our solution is very simple. Purchase this cheap WiFi dongle, plug it in to a USB port and you are good to go! 

Thanks for reading and I hope this article was helpful for you!

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